Power University

Residential Training

Learn the best practices and techniques we used to build teams of hundreds of highly efficient solar sales professionals.

Commercial Training

Learn how to engage the world's largest companies, and build a repeatable sales process that brings repeat customers.

Marketing Training

Learn the secrets our team uses to create massive lead volume and increase engagement to fuel sales teams closing 9 figures.

learn to sell solar like a pro

Whether you are brand new to the solar industry or a veteran looking to change up a sales process that is no longer working, Power University can take you through the entire sales process that has resulted in an 85% close rate.

Is competition creeping in on your close ratio? Do you wish you could walk away with more sales for every single appointment you have? Power University has customized courses that can take you through how to increase your sales without increasing the number of appointments you have.

So many people focus on closing more business, but ignore the one thing they can do to make more money with less work: keeping the customers you already have. When an industry has accepted a cancellation rate of 40%, but there are teams installing at over 90% of closed deals, you need to learn the process you can setup to keep more of the sales you have already made.

What Our Students Have to Say

I spent years in the solar industry and didn't think there was much to learn, but this training has helped me reduce my cancellation rate from 47% to 22% in about 3 months.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, TX
After graduating with my Bachelors in Environmental Studies, I wanted to establish a career in the renewable energy sector, Power University gave me the knowledge I needed to make a practical career move.
Zasha Swan
From Trenton, NJ
After 7 years selling solar door-to-door in California, I wanted to make a transition to commercial solar sales. Power University gave me the tools to build a pipeline of commercial deals, and help my prospects make the leap.
Frank Jones
From Riverside, CA
I used Power University's marketing program to take my agency successfully into the solar industry. When everything out there is saying to copy what everyone else is doing, Power University helped me stand out from the crowd.
Jack Brownn
From London, UK